E.B.E.’s Originals Store Policy

1.      E.B.E.’s Originals accepts clothes which are considered modern and of good quality, purchased new within the last 3 years. We base our acceptance on current styles, saleability and according to season.

2.     There is a one time $5.00 fee to set up an account.  Once you have an account, you always have an consignment account, with the exception you don’t let your account run in-active for one year. This includes payment pick up or consignment drops, otherwise your account will automatically be deleted and you forfeit any balances.

EBE's Originals - Quality Consignment Clothing - Warren, PA store3.      We accept a one time drop off of 30 items, per month, per consignor.

4.      Consignments are excepted Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. We DO NOT accept consignment items on TUESDAY AND SATURDAYS.

5.      Consignments MUST arrive in ready to sell condition… Freshly laundered or dry cleaned… NO Holes… NO Stains… NO Buttons Missing… ALL Zippers Must Work… Folded Neatly… Ready To Be Appropriately Presented!!! No outdated items or items that show too much wear… If we choose NOT to use items left in our care, it will be given to charity. Only bring quality, casual, trendy, brand name consignments. E.B.E.’s Originals has the right to suspend your account if you bring items that are not meeting the policy requirements.

6.      You receive 50% of the selling price.

7.      TUESDAYS ARE ALWAYS 1/2 OFF STOREWIDE!! Therefore new consignments are displayed Tuesday nights after we close, Wednesday, and Thursday. At our discretion we run holiday sales, seasonal clearance and overload specials.

8.      Items NOT used because of condition or salability or sold after 91 days from the day it is tagged, not from the day it is dropped off, become the property of E.B.E.’s Originals. (It is usually 2-3 weeks before items make it to the sales floor once they arrive).

9.      Payments to consignors can be picked up at anytime during store hours. It is up to you to call us, we do not call you.

10.      We are NOT responsible for fire, theft, flood, data loss or lost merchandise.

(NOTICE: Consignments are NEVER accepted in JULY or DECEMBER as this is when we catch up with items that have already arrived.)
Quality Consignment Clothing